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June 29, 2018 to June 30, 2018
AT The Kabbalah Centre Midtown
PRICE: $10 – $50

Shabbat is a time to come together in joy with a community of warm, like-minded individuals sharing laughter, songs and delicious kosher food. Come experience the merriment of a Shabbat meal and... read more

July 06, 2018 to July 07, 2018
AT The Kabbalah Centre Midtown
PRICE: $0 – $50

A venerated healer, Pinchas was a biblical priest who was personally responsible for the removal of a plague that claimed 24,000 lives. According to the Zohar, Pinchas even restored the immune... read more

You need look no further than the present to determine your future because all you are doing today creates your reality tomorrow. 2 years 1 month ago