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The Shabbat Connections

Yosef Yeshurun

Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 8:30pm

The Kabbalah Centre New York,
155 East 48th St.,
New York, NY, 10017, us

Price: $120 | 4 week course

Each Friday evening we welcome Shabbat into our lives. It is often referred to as the “Shabbat Queen” or the “Bride of Shabbat.” This time represents a marriage between the Light and our vessels. In this four-week course, learn about the many traditions, aspects, and spiritual connections of Shabbat. Students will explore each of the components, from the “banquet” and “escort,” to the “bride” and “groom.” Don’t miss this informative course created to elevate your weekly Shabbat experience.

We will be explaining the translation and explanation of the major songs and connections of Shabbat.

Class 1. The banquet (explanation of meals in general)
Class 2. The bride (Friday night)
Class 3. The groom (2nd and 3rd meal)
Class 4. The escort (Havdala, 4th meal, and how to connect to Shabbat during the week)

No classes/events scheduled currently.

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