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Parenting With Kabbalah

Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 10:30am

Temple Shaaray Tefilah,
89 Baldwin Rd,
Bedford Corners, NY, 10549, us

Give more than the gift of life to your child. Give them the gift of a conscious upbringing. This course provides the tools, support and guidance to discover how to:

  • Practice kabbalistic meditations during conception
  • Spiritually support your child during gestation
  • Nurture your child during the first three years of life to create a lifelong spiritual foundation
  • Prepare your child during ages 4-13 to handle the responsibility of free will and the power of choice they develop in their teens
  • Comprehend the meaning of your child’s astrological sign in order to cultivate budding potential and transform challenging traits into opportunities for greatness

Address: Temple Shaaray Tefilah, 89 Baldwin Rd, Bedford Corners, NY, 10549

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