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Kabbalah 3

in Spanish

Hannah Donagrandi

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 8:30pm

The Kabbalah Centre New York,
155 East 48th St.,
New York, NY, 10017, us

Price: $10 Sessions, $280 | 30% off $196

Kabbalah 3 is designed specifically to guide intermediate students to the next level in their spiritual practice. Learn how your relationships (familial, platonic, or romantic) play a key role in your connection to the Light. Topics covered include: Shabbat and holidays, the significance of Hebrew letters, reincarnation, and essential kabbalistic meditations. Gain even more practical tools to help you apply Kabbalah to your daily life. In addition, discover how sharing directly impacts transformation on a global scale.

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You need look no further than the present to determine your future because all you are doing today creates your reality tomorrow. 1 year 2 months ago