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Common Ground

A Workshop for Couples

Guest Speaker Orly Doctori

Event Date: 
Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 12:00pm

The Kabbalah Centre New York,
155 East 48th St.,
New York, , 10017, us

To feel connected is a natural desire. As humans, we begin with the primal desire to have physical touch then move on to a more evolved and complex desire to share and be deeply intimate beyond the physical. In this workshop designed specifically for couples, students will gain tools to help them create sustainable and peaceful relationships. Finding common ground is consciously creating a strong, deep relationship between two people. In order to achieve this between parties, we search for signals of recognition, love, and respect. Learn to move from promises to deep understanding and conscious behavior, to find common ground through positive communication where everyone can speak, listen, and be heard. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring happiness and deep healing to a healthy relationship. We will talk about: Divine feminine and divine masculine energy as two aspects of a whole Conscious communication The relationship between healthy intimacy and spirituality Creating safe space where both partners can express themselves Creating common ground and mutual values

About Orly Doctori:

Founder of the InLove School, Orly takes a very unique approach to her work & teachings.
A high profile career in the music industry working with the biggest bands & companies in Israel isn’t the usual training for a spiritual teacher, but then Orly isn’t your usual teacher.

Whilst working with bands & musicians she was also pursuing her studies in Theology, Jewish Philosophy, A Course in Miracles, Chinese Medicine & more. This led her to start a women’s healing center in Tel Aviv, working with 30 therapists & healers, which attracted women from all walks of life.
At 43 she understood that in order to live her full potential, she needed to take some huge risks & give up her career & conventional way of living in Israel. She moved to India, envisioned the InLove School & started working with men & couples, as well as women. Her work had the unique ability to appeal to everyone, from musicians, CEO’s, to you & me.

Today, Orly is mainly based in South Goa and Taos Centre, Greece. She teaches people from all over the world, offers unique workshops, classes & sessions with her & other respected teachers. Through the InLove School, she offers a very special way of exploring & becoming the person you are really meant to be.

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