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Breath of Life: Spiritual Detox - Acceptance & Forgiveness

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 8:30pm

The Kabbalah Centre New York,
155 East 48th St.,
New York, NY, 10017, us

Price: $60 | 2 weeks

Holding on to negative events from our past can prevent us from seeing the blessings that await us. Resentment only hurts us by disconnecting ourselves from the Light, making it difficult to create unity and peace. Join us for a two-week course that will guide students in finding acceptance and forgiveness, while making space for more joy and abundance. Learn how to have compassion for your past experiences while freeing yourself from negative patterns that prevent lasting fulfillment.

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You need look no further than the present to determine your future because all you are doing today creates your reality tomorrow. 1 year 11 months ago